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Everyone remembers the excitement of going to their first concert to see their favorite band or singer; it’s a milestone event. No matter your age, each and every concert or show is an immersive experience that creates treasured lifelong memories. Live music connects people in a way that nothing else can.


What I can do for you...

From booking local shows, domestic or international tours, TV segments, and TV live events, I've done it all.

With over 20 years in music, both on the stage and behind the scenes, I know what it takes to put on a fantastic show; I have the connections and experience to make it happen.  I believe in the power of live music and know what a huge impact it can have on both the performer and the audience. 

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I would love to hear more about your event and see how I can best help you make it a success.



Behind the scenes, Patrick has developed skills and relationships in the music world and beyond. If you are looking for support and guidance for an artist or music event, Patrick can help. He brokers deals, provides media training, performance coaching and, A&R consulting.


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