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Looking at highlights from over 20 years of music.

The Archives

1998 was a pivotal year for Patrick Masse; his debut 1988 debut album “Get There From Here” came out, and so did he professionally. Those two events shaped the rest of his life and career in ways he couldn't have guessed back then. His memory bank also includes a nomination for the 2001 BCCMA ‘Ray MacAuley Horizon Award.’ 


With the 2009 release of "Mend The Man," on Y75 Records INC, Patrick's second album enjoyed two charted singles.  The extensive airplay of his two albums has earned Patrick a global fan base and established him as an artist who consistently stands on the leading edge of inclusivity.

Another highlight of 2009 was Patrick's music was requested and has been included in the Library and Archives of Canada.

Not all of Patrick's career has been on the stage. Behind the scenes, his record label, Y75 Records Inc, supports underrepresented artists in getting their music heard; former BCCMA Director of Artist relations, has been a producer for the BC country music awards, and is very active in private consulting work. He also founded Country Music in BC, to help further his quest for total equality for all in Country Music. 

Patrick has been busy releasing new music; his latest single, Let's Ride can be heard wherever you stream music. 

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Interviews + More

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